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What to Know Before Calling Exterminators Now

Maintaining a house can be stressful with the regular visit of pests. This makes a lot of homeowners contact exterminators, hoping that they can rest without seeing ants in queue. At KDG, we recommend you to find an online pest control company that has a professional website. This can be the initial step to ensuring that you will be hiring one that provides the services you are looking for. A good company will invest in improving their presence over the internet. If you are also planning to set up your own business, we would be happy to help you extend the scope of your target market. Through professional website designing, branding, and many other techniques, KDG is the right solution for your website.


If your house pests are becoming stubborn, this may make you think that you need Exterminators Now Green River. However, you have to understand that not all pest problems require one. Take note that these professionals apply chemicals that can be dangerous to you and your pets. Here are some tips for a less toxic means.


  • Do not leave your sink damp. Roaches are attracted to water that’s why they visit moist environments. They are often seen in damp basements, kitchen, and bathroom. Make sure to dry these places out and fix the leaks.
  • Bananas can help you. Before you think that you should contact Exterminators Now Green River, try the magic of bananas. For this trick, you will also need a canning jar and petroleum jelly. Using enough amount of petroleum jelly, rub it on the inside of the jar (below the rim). After which, put a piece of banana inside the jar and place it on a spot where roaches usually go. The banana will serve as your bait for the roaches to come in the jar, while the jelly will make it hard for them to get out.
  • Bug bombs on bedbugs are not helpful. This kind of treatment will only worsen bug problems. When you use bug bombs in an attempt to kill the bedbugs, these pests will only end up scattering around the house.

Importance of Termite Inspection from Exterminator Near Me

While there are pests that you can immediately determine of their presence, termites remain unnoticed until the damage becomes visible and evident. Termites are small creatures that start consuming wood and structure that are not visible in plain view. For this reason, a termite inspection from an Exterminator near me is very important.


Risk and damage assessment


When you hire professionals from us at Exterminators Now for termite inspection, you get an idea of the potential damage these pests could do to your property and belongings including the extent of damage they have already incurred. This way, the exterminators will know how to handle the situation and how they can effectively get rid of those pests without harming your family and your pets. By knowing the extent of damage, they will determine what needs to be done and how much they would charge for the service. They can even offer ways to minimize the costs by possibly giving you deals or packages.


Determine the source


The good thing about termite inspections from an Exterminator near me is that exterminators will tell you where exactly the termites are and how you can save your other things from getting damaged. Because you cannot easily tell the presence of termite infestation unless it becomes worse, an inspection will let you know of the pest’s presence and how you can keep your things to prevent damage. Termites can cause structural damage that can lead you to spending sizable amount of money on repairs and renovation. Not only that, you can also save your wooden furniture, important documents and other essential areas of the house.


Learn preventive techniques


Calling an Exterminator near me for termite inspection offers more than resolving the issues. They can also provide prevention techniques to keep termites from occupying your house. One of these prevention techniques is keeping your areas dry because moist places are conducive for termites. You can divert water away from your house or filling the cracks in your structures to prevent termites from breeding therein. You can also treat your soil or uproot old tree trunks where termites usually start breeding and inhabiting.


3 Benefits Of Getting Bugs Control

There are several reasons why residents hire us at Exterminators Now when they need to eliminate different types of bugs in their property. Having a pest-free home is every home-owner’s dream but you cannot have this if you just overlook the signs that tell you, there are unwanted pests that are sharing your space at home. When you notice spiders, mosquitos, ants, rodents, cockroaches and other pests in your house, or when you find rashes or bug bites on your skin, call a professional pest technician right away to help you with the issue. If you are having second thoughts about that, here are some reasons why you should give us a call now.


Keeps your belongings safe


Another benefit of hiring our technicians at Exterminators Now is we can help save your documents and other personal belongings at home or in your commercial space. Pest exterminators like us are experts in getting rid of destructive pests, making your furniture and personal belongings safe. Silverfish, cockroaches and termites can consume your furniture, books and papers.


Health benefits


One of the most disgusting and health hazard around the house are cockroaches and rodents. Your family and pets can inhale the rodent’s fur which can cause respiratory issues. Microscopic bugs can thrive within your carpets and furniture that you and your family use. Mites and bedbugs can thrive in your sofa, couch and beds which can cause skin irritation, rashes and itching. Another health threats are cockroaches. Exposure to their waste can cause vomiting, sickness and nausea among others and they can also contaminate your food. Keep your house clean to reduce the risk of having these pests.


Safer home


Having hideous pests such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, millipedes and others gives you that unsafe feeling. There are cases when young children are bitten by rodents. The thought of sharing space with these pests can make you feel unsafe within the confines of your home. Bedbugs and mosquitoes can also disrupt your sleep which is why calling us is the best solution to end your bugs issues. To know more about services, visit our website and read our positive testimonials.

Exterminators Now – The Use of Bait Systems to control Termites

In order to identify a subterranean termite infestation, Exterminators Now performs inspection and makes use of monitoring stations. The monitoring stations are placed in soil that is suspected to be infested with termites. After highly active locations are determined, Exterminators Now will replace the monitoring stations with bait stations.

According to Exterminators Now, bait stations are effective but the results are not fast enough to cope with areas that are heavily infested. In some problem areas, exterminators have to use conventional liquid insecticides. Moisture sources are addressed and wood piles that are sources of food are removed.


Termite infestations are often overlooked because they silently feed on your home. You will only notice an infestation when it is serious enough and needs the services of Exterminators Now to handle the problem. Since termites are very destructive, the infestation has to be controlled immediately to reduce the damages to the home.

Termites are impervious to most over-the-counter solutions. Once they detect the solution, they always find a way to avoid it. Another challenge for homeowners is the size of termite colonies that can be controlled through spot treatments. A termite infestation requires a thorough and complete treatment as long term solution.


The best step to undertake is to allow professional exterminators to design and implement a comprehensive and effective treatment plan. The costs of professional extermination will pale in comparison to the thousands of dollars worth of structural damages caused by thriving termite colonies.


Early detection of termites does not require chemicals; however, baiting stations use a limited amount of insecticide as an ecofriendlymethod of termite treatment. Termite baits are the solutions in some areas where the use of liquid thermiticides is prohibited. It is also easier for exterminators to apply termite baits around a home than apply liquid treatment on the surrounding soil.


The most common bait systems used to treat subterranean termites is underground bait systems. Above ground bait systems are also effective as long as they are installed by professional exterminators in areas that are directly in the path of termites or in the middle of active mud tubes. Above ground baits can be used with other methods of termite control.

Exterminators Now: How to Spot the Right Pest Controller

The moment you realize that you have unwelcome inhabitants in your property, the next best thing to do is call us at Exterminators Now so we can do the dirty work for you. You can surely find a lot of exterminators in your area. By doing some search on the internet and by asking around, you will definitely find so many options. However, we can be sure that we are your best choice due to the following reasons:


Safe pest solution


Most chemical solutions used for pest extermination are generally toxic with strong fumes. These fumes can be dangerous when inhaled by pets or humans. This is also the reason why home occupants are advised to leave the area while the extermination is being conducted. This is also the reason why pest extermination is conducted during weekends for commercial spaces. This is to prevent people from inhaling these fumes. However, at Exterminators Now, we guarantee the use of safe, eco-friendly and effective pest solutions that are effective on pests and insects but are gentle on humans. Generally, we do not advice our customers to leave the premises, although we let the elderly and very small children, including pets to temporarily relocate the area for safety reasons. Pets are advised to be caged or taken out of the house to allow our technicians to work freely.


No preparation required


You will know that we are different from our competitors since we only require less to zero preparations from our customers. However, we would advise our customers to remove objects that may prevent us from easy access to breeding areas and colonies of our target pests. Some of the items that we usually request to be removed are small tables and furniture, magazine racks, toys and items stored under the sink. We also guarantee that we do not leave stench, stains, traces or damages in your premises.


Qualified technicians


Lastly, you will know that at Exterminators Now, we do things legally and professionally as we are licensed to perform exterminating jobs. Our technicians are trained and we adhere to strict safety standards all the time.